Patient Care Solutions LLC is licensed, bonded and insured, our in-home care providers are extremely understanding, skilled and experienced in caring for the elderly.

We carefully screen our staff with extensive back-round checks. Our clinical and paraprofessional staff deliver excellent care and we ensure their skills are at the industry’s cutting edge by maintaining their professional development through continuing education, seminars, conferences and in- services.

Patient Care Solutions LLC believes in creating a team of caring professionals whose goal is the care and support of our clients. We undertake to provide conscientious, compassionate, individualized care that meets the total needs of our clients whose care can be safely and effectively managed in the home setting. These needs, whether physical, spiritual or psychosocial will be provided through the coordinated end collaborative expertise of our highly trained and motivated group of professional nurses, physical and occupational therapists and home health aides with a goal to restoring the utmost functional status possible for the client.

Our clinicians are well-trained and experienced in their respective areas. Each of them undergoes thorough background checks prior to hiring and on continuing bases. They are closely supervised and monitored and are subject to scheduled and snap inspections. In addition, PCS encourages and challenges its employees to pursue continuous education above and beyond what is required by the licensing boards.

Your loved ones deserve to have all the comforts of home and that is exactly where we will care for them and strive to meet their needs through integrated care with physicians and our collaborative teams to provide individualized care to help to restore or maintain their health at baseline or at thier upmost functional level.

Payment Information
We understand the difficulty of working with payment options and insurance companies. This is why Patient Care Solutions simplifies the process for you. We work with our clients to provide information and support when it comes to compensation arrangements. We offer several options, for those with insurance; we accept Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances. We also accept direct payments via checks, credit cards and debit cards.